In Diabolik – Heists and Investigations, 2 to 4 players, divided into 2 teams, will play as Diabolik and Eva—the criminals—against Ginko and Morrigan—detectives.
It’s a “cops and robbers”-style game, where Diabolik and Eva move in the shadows of the state of Clerville, unseen by their adversaries; then, when the criminals are identified by the Police, it becomes a chase; and finally, it becomes a puzzle, when it comes time to complete the actual heists and investigations.
After randomly selecting 3 of the 7 available heists, Diabolik and Eva must try to complete the heists before the Police following their tracks can discover them.
There are several ways to complete the heists, and the methods of execution can change an infinite number of times, since they depend on the initial setup of the game, which can be different every time you play.

Diabolik: Heists and Investigations

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